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Allow the greatest power on the planet to seismically ground the life you are living.
Become an ambassador of love in your community creating a network of peace.

Make love the bottom line in all your interactions and check out for more on Mels Love Land.

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It is a wonderful world filled with beautiful people and I invite you to enjoy the experience of yourself in all your loving glory.

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I love your book! I started reading it last night. Thank YOU. I've been looking at

things from a 'loving' angle all day. it works for EVERYTHING!

--Niki Lee

“Like a box of chocolates you can’t stop eating that after consumption is completely soul satisfying with none of the guilt. All I can say is — Love Land is rich nourishment for the heart.”

– Mary Hart

“In this loving jolt to the system, Melanie Lutz’s beautiful words leave you feeling happy from the inside out with a song in your heart and a complete desire to create a new loving story that fills your life with joy.”

– Enrietta Lee

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