Thursday, January 31, 2019

Looking for the Perfect Gift for Valentines Month! Hand Made Heart w/ Love Note

Our tradition of making hearts and sending them in February continues in 2019. We used to wonder why people made such a big deal about one day when love is always flowing and available and then we realized, Love ALWAYS wants to be given and received. We all want to know we are loved and love in equal doses and what better way to celebrate than to remember that with a love note offering.

Each Feb we make 100 hearts and give them away.
This unique hand-made heart felt gift of love has been a wonderful experience for all who give and receive them. Each crafted Heart is made with love, containing all the joy of love's magnificence. When you connect to the heart of the matter, the world expands in grace and nourishment and we simply love doing it. It is one of our favorite fundraisers and parts of our all sysems love expansion business. 

These wonderful heart cards have been shipped around the world and right next door. *Envelops incl. Send a love note to your loved one! Original Heart Cards made in the love studio. story and together with each gift we return to the love that resides in our collective heart w/ these wonderful heart cards. 

A nourishing fundraiser for our collective heart actions.

Thank you in advance for your orders and your loving support!

Grateful to all of our collective heart lovers out there!!

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