Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Mel Talks: Yogananda plus Friendship in the 21st Century.

Healing the soul of America is underway.
We the people
engaged in
deep necessary atonement, 
activated in loving action
awake to a mutual evolution of the soul.
We create Divine friendships
across the land
with those who agree and those who disagree
those we love and those we hate
we are lock step in the unity of love
finding solutions
into the harmony of grace
We the people
Support each others 
soul full journey
to the revolution
of evolution
Higher purpose
for our
common health
and wealth

We the people have friends wherever we go.
as we the people are our neighbors.

Love onto all as one.

Love, Mel

A few words from Yogananda from which flows our Mel talk.

Be a cosmic friend, scattering love everywhere...

Consider no one a stranger...

Realize that the same lifeblood is circulating in the veins of all races...We are Americans or Hindus for a few years, but we are God's children forever...

Be ready at all times to shed the light of friendly service over all living creatures...Brightly reflect the light of God's love...

If you open the door to the magnetic power of of friendship, souls of like vibration will be attracted to you...

Mel Talks: Yogananda and Cosmic Chants.

The purpose of all friendship according to Yogananda, is to unite us more deeply to the Divine, however we imagine this Presence to be in our lives. True friendship unites two souls so completely that they reflect the unity of Spirit and its divine qualities... True friendship is broad and inclusive. Selfish attachment to a single individual, excluding all others, inhibits the development of divine friendship...

When perfect friendship exists either between two hearts or within a group of hearts in a spiritual relationship, such friendship perfects each individual. The heart purified by friendship provides an open door to unity. Through it you should invite other souls to enter the temple of brotherhood - those who love you, and even those who love you not..."

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