Saturday, July 07, 2018

And this Bitter Earth, ooh May not, oh be so Bitter, After All... Planning Loving the Earth.

Earth wellness, balance and health requires a wholistic approach. Solutions require the imagination of our hearts acting with love.

We know what we want to achieve a whole and holy earth. We want clean air, water and soil.
We want more health and wellness inducing abundant trees, more green spaces, more harmony with nature.
We want true justice for all.
We want our children nourished, educated, joy full and healthy.
We want to live in spaces where integrity, honesty, kindness reign as we balance work, life, play and all our pursuits of love and happiness.

We are working together with our earth as a partner, establishing pathways and systems integrated with our planets health and wellness in synch with all the worlds we inhabit. 

We care and support the Earth's natural rhythms and live in equality and justice with all its inhabitants. We work together in renewal and revitalization and rejuvenation. We create systems that are woven together by love.

If in your heart you know there is more that you could be doing. Now is always the right time to take action. Now always contains the most powerful opportunity to create change, to transform, disrupt and grow the systems we inhabit and rely upon.

There is wonderful light in and through and surrounding our worlds. There is power in each energy imprint to transform. The principles and practice of love works when we practice them. Enjoy today in the deep expression of loving kindness. Embrace today as an opportunity to be present to what needs to be done. We are here on earth at this point because we have gifts to share, we have love to express and we have love to experience in our beautiful world filled with beautiful people.

From my Catholic upbringing this came up to work with.

Jesus asks us to do no more than simply recognize that nothing need be done. This gentle looking at the ego's thought system of doing, which is the meaning of our asking help of the Holy Spirit, is how the gap of separation ends, along with its bitter dreams. We do not try to make dreams better, or attack and avoid them. They offer us nothing that we need, nor contain anything to oppose. Again, we do nothing except look at the substance-less ego without judgment, for this alone reveals the unreality of dreams. Very succinctly stated and echoing, we do not do, we undo. It goes without saying that we speak only of the mind's attitude, for the right mind may indeed guide us to worldly action as an extension of its love.  - ACIM
From my soul singer loving Father who played his many records on repeat as the sound track of my youth This Bitter Earth written by Clyde Lovern Otis comes up to share, to understand and to integrate. It may be a bitter earth, it may be an earth in transition, it may be a lot of things. It is also a wise and knowing being offering all of itself at any given moment to become the universe of connection that is always available. As it was introduced to my soul by Dinah Washington with so much Goddess energy and sweet surrender over to that soul's knowing. Our earth is where we live, it is the place we are at, in this time, in the worlds to co-create more grace, more being, more ease and deep all abiding peace and love.

May we all be reminded of our role and be guided in our powerful loving hearts to the actions necessary for us to embody.

Love, Mel

Lyrics for This Bitter Earth below.

This bitter earth
Oh, this bitter earth

Well, what a fruit it bears
What good is love
Mmh, that no one shares?
And if my life is like the dust
Ooh, that hides the glow of a rose
What good am I?
Heaven only knows
Yes, can it be so cold?
Today you're young
Too soon you're old
But while a voice
Within me cries
I'm sure someone
May answer my call
And this bitter earth, ooh
May not, oh be so bitter after all

Reflect the gentleness of the pathway on which we are gently being led home to taking care of ourselves.

Mel Lutz is a writer living in Los Angeles, CA.
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