Friday, May 04, 2018

The Magic of Twenty Minutes....

Being invited into a sacred circle for spirit to work through our hearts with word prompts is a privilege and experience of the instant. Without fanfare and with great love words from a bowl become gateways to a rich storytelling tradition that allows that lightening electric bolt of intuitive expression to reveal itself working their way into a collection and a movement of grace.

"There is a kind of magic available in a 20-minute writing sprint, sufficient power to unearth a seed that may grow into something larger, or even produce a work that is complete."  Linda Gabriel

Honored to be included in this collection of stories and poems.


The Sea and the Horse 
Alive and in the now
Alone but not alone
Traveling but found
Returning to the place of light
In the wisps of now
As ever more 
We discover all the ways
We meant to remember what was
What is 
What’s now

This is the grace 
Of hand and heart
And balance and 
Always and 
Forever the gift of the sea horse at work weaving our endless destinies boundlessly connected and commissioned in each moment
The moon paints with light on the shores of the earth

The sea horse remembers
It all.


o flight

of light

Twenty-Minute stories and poems is a collection of works that were written in 20 minutes or less. They have been edited for grammar and spelling, but other than a word added here or removed there, they are presented as written, fresh on the page.

Now available for pre-order on AmazonAmazon Prime members download for free Launch date is May 5th!

Love, Mel

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