Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Time for a Love Activism Read | Issue 13 is Here.

Issue 13 talks Mels Love Land: Docu-Series, Justice for Vets, With Love Market & Cafe, Anna Deavere Smith's Notes from the Field and our recent 100 Hearts project and we stay strong on our Next 100 Days of love practice. Together, We create a dynamic Field of Loving Possibility with Every ❤️Action, every effort, every thought.

Love Activism is a movement of the heart. It is the constant gardening of our soul work to evolve our humanity. A few things to keep in mind - anytime you are in judgment you are limiting the solutions. Anytime you are defending you are dimming the possibilities available in every moment. We’ve all experience jolts to our systems, perhaps you are feeling a call for deeper contemplation, perhaps a spring to action comes up in your heart, perhaps a persistent thought to get more involved in creating community. Maybe you are feeling inspired. However you are feeling our communities need less criticism and more love, less judgment and more kindness.

Love Activism needs you.

What's it going to be?  What have you done for somebody today?

The 21st Century loving, empathic hearts are rooted and taking a stand, rising up in this moment and the next calling bullshit. Thank you for being a part of our ongoing efforts to create deeper community actions, tell stories that heal and inspire and share love in ways that enrich and uplift and ground our collective heart.

We hope you enjoy Issue 13 on Love Activism.

Thank you for your continued support as we move through into Spring.

Post is part of the 7th MELS ❤ LAND: All Systems Love NEXT 100 | Why We Speak of Love — if you feel inspired to share the love, please do so.

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