Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Next 100 | Why We Speak of Love.

100 Days of Love Activism to increase our collective 21st Century heart vibration and evolve our families, communities and worlds as part of Mels ❤️ Land: All Systems Love Next 100 | Why We Speak of Love. 

When in doubt try a little tenderness with those closest to you. Do not allow your frustrations to get the better of you with your loved ones. 

See the greatness in everyone that you meet offering up Love as you go and with each step embrace the world as the great place it is representing so many stories of uniqueness, of people, of neighborhoods, cities and rural municipalities, of individuals who put their hopes and dreams on the line every day. Become a class act, that outward expression of love in action, in the space of your fullest essence, offering tremendous insight into a way of being in love, in full contact with the centered space of knowing, that stillness where understanding is born out of the chaos of living. Live your life in integrity, with purpose and the uniqueness of your individual expression that resonates with the whole by playing your note, transcending present circumstance in timeless, grace filled presence, dancing effortlessly with the universal symphony. 

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One of the gifts and agreements of love is with unconditionality we make a choice to take good and tender care of our heart space and in turn the hearts of those we interact with.

 7th MELS ❤️ LAND: All Systems Love NEXT100 | Why We Speak of Love | Day 9

 Mel is a writer and love activist living in Los Angeles, CA.

Follow her on twitter @MobileMel | Insta @Crazylemonlove Subscribe to the All Systems Love movement here. For more information on Mels Love Land: All Systems Love click here.

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Being the most magical of places in its collective synergization of all captured memories, Youtube continues to rock it.  Found this video of one of Otis Reading’s final performances before the tragic plane crash that took his life to soon.   Great advice sung by one of the greats, Otis Reading from 1967 – Try a Little Tenderness

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