Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Day 6 | Enrich Each Moment

Do not get caught in other people’s insanity, or more importantly, your own. Wash the entire story with Love and bare witness to the truth. When a decision is made in Love doubt ceases. Love brings peace of mind and a certainty of purpose. Move toward that sacred feeling of warmth in the embrace of the truth.

Day 6 |  Enrich Each Moment

Move toward the light of Love. Enrich your life with this energy and let everything else fall away.

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Affirm It | Day 6
I am nourished by everyone I meet with Infinite Love and Gratitude.

6 Mels Love Land Affirmation  

The 21st Century requires a 21st century heart language that is in movement and alive to all the possibilities and interactions and is in deep open connection to the truth beyond the programs and patterns and conditioning. It needs a new language. There are 465 known languages on the planet that evolved from energy. The energy inherent and alive in all things.

Love, Mel

7th MELS ❤️ LAND: All Systems Love NEXT100 | Why We Speak of Love | Day 6

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