Tuesday, October 03, 2017

We've Got Magic and Miracles To Do. Mels Love Land MiniMag

As we mourn and grieve for all we have lost, for the repair and reparations that must flow. May we remember them and how we are always connected. May we find ways to honor them. May we grow into deeper practices of love in action. May we be guided to the people and places and things that will be with us as we are lifted into our knowing heart.

As we each take the time to experience our emotions, to hug our families, to do what needs to be done, let's remember, gentle loving action is happening.

Yes. it is a time of deep unrest and we are recognizing our thoughts and words and acts are consequential, they create consequences. We are into the deep process of re-birth. An old world is crashing out and a new world is forming.

Be someone today that wakes up to the truth, that breaks free from the grip of an illusory broadcast and connect to the loving sounds of harmony. Be someone today that shows up, doesn't hide, says what needs to be said, listens deeply to those who put their lives on the line to fight for our rights, all our rights. Our focus is on clearing, cleansing, addressing, transmuting, transforming all the poisoning influences we collectively have allowed to seep into our earth with our thoughts, our poisons, our mis-alignment to some idol outside our selves. Our earth is poisoned, our air contains contaminants, our waters are choking from waste, the ecosystem has been clogged and our thoughts, thinking and attitudes have contributed. Thank you for the miracles that have happened in this country and we say we are sorry, we are not blaming anyone we are giving over our soul sickness that it may be healed. We place our hopes and heart wishes in your hands while we work everyday to bend our worlds toward love and justice, to rise magnificently into each day and bring more love to every situation. 

Now is always to the time to do right. We know better. We can do better. Take my hand and we will go together.

Love, Mel

Mels Love Land:All Systems Love MiniMag Issue 12 | Celebration can be found here..

Enjoy this Stephen Schwartz Song sung by Ben Vereen from Pippin.

We've got magic to do....

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