Monday, October 02, 2017

Seven Ways to Take Loving Action. Mels Love Land: All Systems Love

In our ongoing love in action series on ways to improve your inner and outer love leadership.

Seek the peace that you alone can give. In silence feel gratitude for those you encounter. They are teaching you something. In the quiet of our hearts, in the deep recesses of our minds, wait and listen, be still a moment and a moment more. Release judgement and allow forgiveness of yourself and others, free the world from all you thought you knew. Love deeply. Close the door on the past and open your heart to giving and receiving kindness.

If you are inspired and want to query a bit deeper into the arena of love here are some thoughts to consider the possibility there is another way to look at any situation.

The first one is pretty easy....

Ask questions if you don't understand, don't make assumptions.


Teach by demonstratingDon't expect someone to do the work for you.


Listen as if our lives depended on it... Listen, listen, then listen some more.


Show up... Find a way to contribute and just be there.


Test boundaries... What you are thinking isn't true. Find out what is true. Have an experience and allow understanding to flow.


Find ways to live in the solution. If you want a loving world, if you want connection you have to give love. What you have given you own fully and receive deeply.


Allow your actions to be infused with love. 
(What does this look like? - if after taking action, you feel peaceful and connected - you have done it)

Allow love to lead the way, expanding the experience of love as a way of life. Along the way others have joined the love movement and offered up their gifts. Love has lead to many locations on the inner and outer planes continue to breath in love and breath out peace. Allow yourself to experience the tides flowing in and flowing out in balance and grace. Allow your heart to shatter and come together, allow grief to flow and find its flow, return to center, bring it back and begin again as needed. 

If you are looking for a spiritual, soulful experience of the world. If you are looking to create deeper loving miracles in your life why not give Love all you have?

Enjoy the day and all it brings.

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