Friday, September 22, 2017

Days of Awe. Grandmother Wisdom.

We are in the midst of the high holy days of the Jewish Calendar - the sweet spot between Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur known as the Days of Awe.

You do not need to be Jewish to appreciate the celebration flowing through these days that represent the beginning of a new year.

From Darshan: The Presence Within, once Kundalini Shakti has been awakened and we follow the path, we come to discover that her energy is always with us. This energy flows in the form of her teachings, in the form of practices, in the form of our own awakened inner power. Furthermore as the experience of our own inner self becomes more and more accessible to us we begin to understand the power of Love that resides within all things.

The Grandmother.

From the very beginning, the young woman felt close to the old woman, whom she called 'Grandmother.' The Grandmother told her stories about her life, and in particular about the boy who had grown up to be the young woman's father. During the Grandmother's passage from life to death she recalled years before her caring for a sick young boy on death's door who would survive and grow up to become the young woman's father. The young woman received a great gift following the path of the spirit of great shakti -- the way of inner power understood.

The final words that fell on the body as it descended into the earth over the vessel that had held the wisdom of the Grandmother.

I will see you in different ways -
through your dreams
through your thoughts
through your friends
through your family members
When someone says something
you will say 'yes, this is the guidance I have been looking for."
You will know you are receiving guidance from the inner shakti.
So, in the form of the inner Shakti
we will meet one another all the time.
sometimes in person, sometimes in other ways.
We will be together when we see the moon.
When the wind blows
when you drink a glass of water.
when you help another person
when you chant
when you love
when you go to sleep and when you wake
during all these times
we will be together

love and service

joining in the presense of each other and god.
we present ourselves
naked and open hearted
we do not need to ask or tell
but rather place all that we are and all that we have
in his hands.
we place our future and the future of the world in his hands.

use us in ways we can most lovingly share our gifts.
alchemize, heal and make strong our bodies
lift our awareness
into new pathways.
deliver us from the past
allow us grace in the present
as the future is unwritten.

we place all in your hands
allowing a miracle to flow.

prayers, expansion and love
as an experience of wholeness, strength and courage.
in glory and greatness.

pulled in part from Darshan, The Presence Within by Swami Vasudevananda

dream through us.

Make today a day for love and peace.

You will know. you will stand within any situation and bring forward honor. You will stand within every circumstance and know what is possible.

With infinite gratitude and inner power..

Love, Mel.

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