Monday, August 28, 2017

The Universe invites us to a Planet of Love!

Nonprofit 826 Valencia was approached by Google to partner on an augmented reality project with their students. The staff, leaders and volunteers came up with an invitation to share stories from the heart through a prompt...

"What would it be like to live on a Planet ruled by Love?"

The answers from the mouths and hearts of the kids of 826 Valencia are heart warming and inspiring.

"People's homes are made of marshmellows."

"People act like themselves."

"There are also unicorn walls."

"It is wonderful because families spend time with each other."

Check out the video here...

If you are inspired and want to query a bit deeper into the arena of love here are some thoughts to consider the possibility there is another way to look at any situation.

How do we do this? Why not take a page from the kids? Why not enjoy the world of love? Why not atone for the issues you are having trouble understanding? Why not reach out and and make a difference? Why not get involved in your community? Why not live in balance and harmony and be present to exactly what you are doing the job at hand the world at large and the love in all of our hearts?

The first one is pretty easy....
Ask questions.

Teach by demonstrating... Don't expect someone to do the work for you.

Listen as if our lives depended on it... Listen, listen, then listen some more.

Show up... find a way to contribute and be there.

Test boundaries... what you are thinking isn't true. Find out what is true. Have an experience and allow understanding to flow.

Find ways to live in the solution. If you want a loving world, if you want connection you have to give love. What you have given you own fully and receive deeply.

Allow your actions to be infused with love. (What does this look like? - if you feel peaceful and connected - you have done it)

Remember, Now is always the time to become the Love activist you know you are, in most cases already are. To do that thing you think you can not do. To stand on the grace of our daily creator and begin again to allow change and movement to be part of the process to not hold tightly to some world that no longer exits, to break open into the now of all that will be.

This isn't the time to couch it up and wank out, but it is the time to rest deeply into the truth of love.

Imagination comes to life in the dreams and wishes the heart makes put into action. This movement of love is the beginning of change. Join in. Open your heart. Stay commited. Find what works for your heart.

The world is waking up, innovating, experiencing, growing, thinking and waking up. Voices are rising up, teachers are stepping in and the The innovative work of charities like 826 and organizations like Google are exploring new ways, new ways in representing underserved voices in expressing and in raising the state of the union of love in our land.

Google invited this collaboration as a test and expansion of technology and work flows that are created to bring the world closer together, to allow innovation and expansion on the inner, now that earth and its resources have reached a maximum state of occupancy. With this wonderful technology we in the love activism world know the inner power, the inner state of being and becoming is the frontier to flood with love, so we are connected to the changing environments and we remain in movement while deeply connected to each other in harmony.

Live in this moment and take a deep breath. Lean into the idea that we can experience more love, more kindness, and more light in our interactions. You don't have to wait. That we can solve our collective problems, that we can order the world from a loving pov and that in doing so we can bring to light what needs to be healed so all of us can quantum leap into new dimensions of expansion and evolution.

Isn't it all of our job to return to our kids wisdom and love and spaces to experience the joy and wonder of this magnificent earth. to remember what we do it all for and to stand in the truth of a world of love. not an impossible world of love but a world where we stand with and understand love. Where we have difficult conversations, where we hold a collective space for all of our tears and problems to be held and understood and healed.

It isn't for us to ask how. It is for us to love and to put that love into action, today and everyday.

And go build a Marshmallow house that has structure and sweetness and strength and possibility--- filled with the greatest gift of all - love.

A little Love for the players ...

826 Valencia is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting under-resourced students ages six to eighteen with their creative and expository writing skills and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. Our services are structured around the understanding that great leaps in learning can happen with one-on-one attention and that strong writing skills are fundamental to future success.

Google   For AI, a real-world reality check, An intelligent computer is only as well-rounded as the people who teach it.

Mels Love Land is a media movement to shift thoughts, ideas, action, into more kindness and more love, everyday. the upcoming docu-series is in post production. For more information or to get involved email 

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