Friday, August 11, 2017

Mel is recharging, sharing, shoping, creating with light of the Soul and on Vacation. We will return with many wonderous new Loving Acts on September 11th. Until Then. Enjoy!

We are on a holiday till September. Look forward to painting the world with all kinds of love, Today and Everyday. Enjoy the end of summer with your family and friends and lovers. Enjoy the Exquisite Lights Offered in the Worlds We Inhabit. Have fun. Be loving. Be extra kind.

See you in September!


Mels Love Land - Docu-Series Coming Soon.

If you miss us, drop into a little youtube fun with Keisha hopefully healed and happy and full of new miracles to share, this single a wonderful new beginning.

"Falling back in love and dreaming..."

Enjoy the Exquisite Lights always being offered in the worlds we Inhabit.

"Come and paint the world with me tonight." Keisha love (as well)

If you want to pre-order Ooh, La La. a 10 pack of inspirational stories email us at They are in production now and will be shipped between 12/1-12/10 for the holiday, love, gift, giving, inpsiring, light time for Christmas.

Thank You!

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