Wednesday, July 12, 2017

MELS LOVE LAND #MiniMag Issue 11 - Embody the Adventures of the Heart

The deliciousness of living gives birth to the ecstasy of each moment in the adventures of our heart, those moments that come forward in the quiet uncertainty of the unknown, that thrilling goose bump filled connection with all that is.

When you are in the soul filled adventure you are filled with courage and acceptance with each step. As Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 11 | Adventures hits the streets. A few words of love. Do not get side tracked with gobble de gook noise or what people 'in power' are doing, we are in charge of our powerful selves, we know how to act, to be, to love. We must march forward, with our heads turned backward if necessary, and do the loving thing we came here to do, to be in service, to take an adventure into the testament of hope regardless if we see the impact. We must do what needs to be done. Let's continue to discuss what matters, lets continue to act with kindness and love that speaks in the space of our collective heart loud enough for all to hear on a vibrational level.

Our inspiration for this issue 11 is the incomparable Eleanor Roosevelt. It was conceived in Riverside Park on the upper west side in the glorious late Spring time in NYC. 

Allow this issue to embrace your dreams, to nourish them with each step you take and allow it to remind you....

TO DO what needs to be done - to talk about things that matter
to live in the oneness of now - knowing all of us are one of us.
each of us is connected - one's suffering is all of our suffering
right minded thinking blazes a trail - for all to see. Get out there and do good. Be kind. Live in the light of all that you can be. Enjoy the connection to the adventure of connection.

Keep in mind, each documentation in our lives, we use to quantify and clarify, whether it be a script, a marriage license, the declaration of independence, the constitution, your home owners association agreement, the rule of law, the 10 commandments, they remain just things, papers, thoughts, the power in them comes from the principles they embody, we give everything all the energy it has, the energy to empower us or to take us in a different direction. We get to choose in each moment the commitment we make to our principles. We stand for the principles of love that which we must share as the gift we have been given. Now is the time to be more loving as a force of the inner light and power that resides as your gift to the planet we are destined to deliver to the whole. 

"Let America be the dream the dreamers dreamed. Let it be that great strong land of love. Where never kings connive nor tyrants scheme. That any man be crushed by one above."  Langston Hughes  spoke of these dreams  in his work, never getting to participate in the reality of the American Dream. He had his own experience. 

Mels Love Land relates to his 'let it be that great strong land of love.'

Let it be.

Don't get side tracked.

It takes work. it takes reasoning, it takes understanding and it requires we remain awake and bare witness to someones agony and someone's triumphs while dreaming the dream of a new world for ourselves and our communities.

Enter the garden, tend to its well being and nourish this sacred source. Be a light so all may know peace. 
Now and forever.

Enjoy MELS LOVE LAND #MINIMAG ISSUE 11 | ADVENTURE in all grace and a flowing magical spirit of joy.
Love, Mel

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