Sunday, May 28, 2017

In Pursuit of Peace. Happy Memorial Day!

Today and everyday we honor those who are giving and have given the ultimate sacrifice toward justice and peace in service to freedom and justice for all.

Here's to our brave and courageous troops doing the job assigned them by our country, a country of "we the people" holding the candle of possibility, holding the space for a world where there is no war, where we take care of each others hearts and souls and bodies in a practice of humanity.

Wishing all our Veterans a beautiful Memorial Day and Beyond!

Deepest Thanks and Gratitude.

We honor the pursuit of peace on earth with this affirmation.


Peace comes from knowing peace
Love comes from being Loving
Gifts come from wholly giving

In this light
Peace becomes
My deepest brilliance
Glowing brightly

Step not timidly on the path
Flow forward

Peace is mine
My calling card
Falling with me
Radiating through me

Blossoming all around me
Witnessing what I have done
Peace realized

I wake
Hearing the bluebirds of the Angels
Joining in the dance of Love

I own my state of peace

In grace

Love and Grace and Wisdom in the days and weeks ahead. Thank you!!


**Pictures taken at Los Angeles National Cemetary
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