Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Forgiveness, Grace and the Way of Connecting to the Heart: Mels Love Land Sunday Love Talk

Mels Love Land Sunday Love Talks takes on Forgiveness and adds a little insight into how love and forgiveness flow between the two.

Before you listen in. Take a moment to enter and awaken a level of forgiveness you have to this point not thought possible. Take a moment to drift into that deeply personal space of your heart. Take this moment to say, “I’m sorry” for any wounds inflicted; for the fallout (literally) and for any ways we have, in our actions overlooked the basic tenants of humanity.

Lets together deeply connect to the space beyond all sorrow and trauma and heartache diving into the waves of forgiveness allowing the gentle washing away of all that burdens our minds.  Let’s connect to our loving center and imagine a world of love and possibility and freedom. Imagine those who come to mindsight joining you in celebration and declare all that was complete and healed and whole.  Reconnect to your loving center and bow into your soul before all that is and become a new wave of forgiveness; allow this wave of forgiveness to caress whoever has come to mind that needs this wave of love, allow this wave of love to flow freely from center and watch it embrace those in need and those we cherish and those we don’t know and the world at large, flowing into the ethers of the universe. 

Rest and relax and know all is well and all will be well and return once again to center, the source of all the love there ever was, all the miracles that are possible, and all the joy that resides in the purest laugh of the smiling heart.

Become present to the beat of your heart and allow that beat to guide the way to deeper and deeper levels of peace.

Come back to center.  Say Thank You.*** Enjoy this talk on Forgiveness that is an important practice in the embodiment of love in action...

Forgiveness does not mean forgetting it means transforming any anger and releasing that which can no longer torture us collectively and individually into the nothingness from whence it came. That which is in the past is an illusion, it doesn’t exist, and can no longer hurt us. Forgiveness means honoring yourself, your history, and those who have touched your life by living yours in full emblem of the truest space of a Loving heart.

From this embraced forgiveness comes the complete Freedom of thinking that is the foundation of strength and joy. In choosing to forgive and honor each other with Love; to celebrate our humanity and to remember all of us is each of us, the world gains in its peace quotient, which should never be taken for granted. 

In this forgiving practice of humanity Love expands beyond the beyond.  If this speaks to you take this moment to seize the opportunity to imagine a vision of the future where peace flourishes and everyone on the planet knows Love.

This is a form of Love as philosophy, not used to circumvent any feelings or bypass anything just a sharing of principle as a practice of discipline to allow the truth through forgiveness to be revealed where the illu-sions creep in.  Loving is filling your heart with love in open hearted grace ourselves overflowing with childlike wonder of life filled with blazing possibility.   

Forgiveness is the home of miracles. Perception stands corrected in this Loving sight, and what was meant to curse has come to be a blessing. “Each lily of forgiveness offers all the world the silent miracle of love. And each is laid before the Word, upon the universal altar to Creator and creation in the light of perfect purity and endless joy.” ACIM

May love surround you and work through you. May you offer your heart to the service of love. May you find peace today and everyday. May blessings and peace flourish in your presence.

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