Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Mels Love Land Justice and Peace Moment - In gratitude Martin Luther King, Jr.

IN honor of the spirit, ideals and love that Martin Luther King, Jr. embodied let's take a moment in the today's schedule to sit and center into the heart of love.

Allow yourself the privilege of aliveness to drop into the deeply sacred space of all that is and all that glorious light within to shine. Take several deep breaths and when you feel the movement of the heart and spirit of Love Justice rise into being, allow this to extend outward without reserve to those closest you, and now, stretch, extend and share that with your community, and continue onward, allow that experience to expand to our states, our country, the countries all over the earth and the universe at large. Right now. Pulse with the energy of love in all its grace and allow that light of love to radiate as a blessing to all. Return to the center of your heart filling your lungs and body and being with this love and remain resting in steady breath till it is time to MOVE. In this next moment forgive yourself, forgive those who have transgressed, trespassed against us and be whole, healed and full of gratitude.

Begin again.

Allow this five minute love time to be the heart of your practice for the day. Take actions, respond to people, places and events from this space.



Melanie Lutz is a writer living in Los Angeles, CA.

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