Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Love Activism Alert - Nourishing our Communities through Good Food and Good Policy: The Los Angeles Food Policy Council


In the heart of the City of Angels there is an organization committed to the wellness of all, by providing local, healthy, sustainable choices  to nourish and expand the conversation into the question,' What would the world be like if we brought light to a puzzling, and at times confusing, area of our economies, How, in a highly profitable world, are we not able to care for our communities and contribute to our collective overall health and wellness?

Los Angeles Food Policy Council (LAFPC) synergizes the varied connections in building a sustainable and equitable regional food system for all Angelenos.  They are a voice for justice in local economies, standing for clarity in the Los Angeles farm, food, justice communities.  

Los Angeles is a uniquely sprawling major city comprised of different counties, neighborhoods and communities that require thoughtful collaboration to enact policies that bring balance to a food infrastructure. Utilizing wisdom traditions, community support and involvement, inclusionary practices focused on collaboration and inclusion - where every voice counts LAFPC is a light in the movement for food justice for all. The Council is seen as a model for other cities and communities through their tireless work to manage the organziational challeneges of our system of governeement and beautiful policies that nourish our communities and citizens. 

If you are called to this area of our economies please check out LAFPC work and consider what you would be interested in contributing to the conversation... 


Get inspired by the Origin Story of The LA Food Policy Council ....


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