Thursday, March 09, 2017

I am a Magnficent Woman - Affirmation. Battle Cry. Poem. Possibilities. Healing. Love.

I am a Magnificent Woman by Melanie Lutz



An ancient melody calls us
to the awareness of who we are

Infinite heart
Infinite love
Infinite peace
Fierce compassion
Ultimate power

I am a Magnificent Woman

I will not fall asleep in the hour of our greatest need
I will not fall asleep because it is too painful to bare witness
I will not fall asleep because I don’t think I can handle it
I will not fall asleep because it is all too much
I reclaim the energy of creation
I open up to new possibilities
I am an active and purposeful participant
I own my gifts

And use them

I am a Magnificent Woman

I call on the teachers of the past
I call on the hearts and spirits of those women who were burned for their beliefs
Those women willing to lose their life in service of the truth
I call on our sisters and mothers and grandmothers and our daughters
I call on the Mary’s and Barbara’s and Sally’s
I call on the birth right of the feminine
I call on all the angels awaiting our cry
I call on everything now and forever
I will
Give birth
To what wants to be born

I am a Magnificent Woman

I was not alone in the hour of my greatest agony
I was not alone when I needed help in taking the steps forward
I was not alone when I didn’t think I could go one
I was not alone when I needed to take action
I am not alone now that I remember the truth.

I am a Magnificent Woman.

I am not a slave to my past
I will not be silent
I will not be polite
I will not stay quiet
I see the pain that is all around me
I see the homeless growing in numbers on the streets where I live
I see children suffering and hungry
Hungry for food, hungry for education, hungry for love
I see people clouded by fear and hate
Disheartened by the sheer complexity of problem and difference of opinion
I see wise older souls with so much
I see beautiful children glowing in their light
I see love extending like brilliant sunshine
I see connection and honesty and integrity
I miss nothing. I see everything.
I bare witness to it all
The soaring and the suffering
I rejoice in the sheer beauty of what will be
My eyes are wide open

I will not squash the pain I feel
I will not succumb to my disbelief
I will not hide from my depression
I will not disavow my anger
I will not turn away
I will expand the love I feel within
And if I don’t yet feel the love within
I will expand my sense of connection
I will be a bridge to hope
I will let humanity sing

I am a Magnificent Woman

I will not be worried that my crying will start and never end
I will stand in my tears and claim the truth
I will remember tears are a gateway to an open heart
I will feel hurts with compassion and rejoice in possibilities
I will let my tears flow freely
I will cry about what needs to be cried for
And when the tears stop
I will make any change necessary
I will not stand by while what I know is crushed and silenced
I will speak out loud
I will not let fear rule or fuel my actions
I will let love lead the way
I will experience the glory in all things
I will move into the deeper conversation
I will not need an answer
I will live the question
I will own what I know
I will be who I am
I will remember the truth
I will call on those around me
To join together
In celebration

I will quite simply -- grow up.
Answering the call of my being
To wake up
The healing and nourishing spirit
Of my birthright

I am
a Magnificent Woman.
Come cry with me
And when we are done
We will
Rise up
Fully awake

I am a Magnificent Woman.

Love. Mel.

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