Thursday, February 23, 2017

What Does Acting with Love look Like? A Mels Love Land Exclusive Series

Due to the natural instinct of our flight or fight response as a way of survival, we developed a need to be hyper vigilant and repsonsive to our fear; -- of the bear, of the monster, because we humanity needed to be alert to survive. This is no longer the case and we must unlearn the mechanisms of fear to govern our hearts. We can move into our inner light and love the way forward.

We are baring witness to the changing of the guard. Where our children are our elders, where we understand the future will be different than the past and it is our repsonisbility to be in service to those who will follow in our footsteps. It is for all of us to stand together, to rise up, to pay it forward, to act with kindness, to live in the light of love and to remember we are all powerful beyond measure.

A young women turned words of empowerment into a song, then had her community help her sing it. This is why we are here, to sing our songs, to be a light, to join with other lights.

Enjoy this song.  Lots of Love, Mel

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