Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Mels Love Land #Next100 Day 99 If We want to Contribute to Peace, We Have to Do More.

Lesson 255 in the ACIM ‘if we want to contribute to peace we have to do more. We have to become more peaceful’ goes hand in hand with one of Gandhi’s principles 'the end is inherent in the means' - Direct and simple. Peace needs peaceful hearts. Peace needs activism of the mechanism of the heart to stay open to differences and release fear into love.

Peace needs a daily active commitment to being peaceful.

Ask yourself in that silent space of your intuition-
"Where is there an attack thought I can surrender inside my own head?"
"Where is there a gun in my personal arsenal that I can retire?"
"Where is there space for more loving thought? What unloving space could I remove from my thinking?"

Change occurs in the open human heart extending love, receiving love, staying open to love as a social force for good.

Make a commitment to peace in your heart right now.

If you think opening your heart to change and shift your own attack thoughts is foolish or impossible, remember Bobby Kennedy’s words "some people see things as they are and say why, I dream things that never where and say why not."

Why not peace in your heart, right now?  Why not? What do you have to lose?
You have the power with your love, with your forgiveness, with your kindness, with your peaceful state of awareness to dramatically change the experience of the world.

You have power with your thoughts to change your reality.  Make a shift in your perception from fear to love and have yourself a merry little miracle.

Hold into your own joy. Hold into your bliss. Hold into your light. Illuminate the way ahead by shining your light radiantly without reserve.

Inside each of us is a light. Shine that light today and everyday.

Enjoy the peaceful heart of joy!

With Infinite Love and Gratitude

Today in 6th Annual MELS LOVE LAND #NEXT100 | Today I Choose Perfect Peace

Mels Love Land Pledge!!

For the #Next100 Days I am going to consider the possibility there is another way…. 
(add whatever ‘feels right’ allow it to be your reality evenif it is just for one moment in time, revel in the idea that there is another way to look at it and allow yourself the privilege of true sight beyond your perceptions, because, whatever follows ‘I will consider the possibility there is another way’ will be the direction that you set
 – make it count)

For the next 100 days I am going to consider the possibility there is another way, I will love well with care for myself and the compassionate action of service.

Mels Love Land is not a place you can go to on a map. It is an experience of yourself within, an experience of deep and abiding peace of mind, body and spirit, a place where you can wake up in full joy of your being and fully participate in every process of your life enraptured in the sacredness of your truest home, that space where love and forgiveness meets an open heart becoming a soulful force of nature.  

Get out there and be loving.  

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The 7th Annual Mels Love Land will return 11/1/17. 
If you have any ideas, musical thoughts, joyful input, want to come on board to sponsor, have ideas for love activism, are thinking about how you would like to change the world, please email Mel

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