Thursday, February 09, 2017

Go Deeper. Love More. Be Kind. 6th Annual Mels Love Land #Next100 Day 100

May it get easier and more effortless for you to go through deeper and deeper doors of love and receiving blessings.

Ask spirit for help to guide you to the person place and thing that is necessary for your greatest good.
Connect with your inner power today and every day. That force that is in you but not of you that holds the deepest presence of the miraculous.

As this 100 days comes to a completion cycle, it might be time for you to wake up to your own commitment with spirit that will take you to the next flight of your souls most authentic expression.  Whatever comes take the time to enjoy it, to look for the miracle and to practice being more loving in this minute than the next.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude

Tree Massage Oil



For the next 100 days I am going to consider the possibility that there is another way. 
I won't talk about war, I will feel peace. I won't talk about what isn't working. 
I will experience what is. I won't complain about what people don't do. 
I will appreciate what they do. 
Cura Et Labore “with care and work”

I am going to allow myself to be uplifted.
And. Be willing to see change. In a new light.
In what’s remembered. With Love.