Thursday, February 23, 2017

Commitment. Persistence. Love. Activism - Right Now - A Soundtrack for our Revolution!

It is time to do our part, to enjoy each act of kindness and love. To engage in the loving conversation, to not stoop to the level of those who would be swayed into the fear of their being.  Remember fear does not exist. Darkness, when you turn on the light, disappears. We are all counting on each other. Today is a day for self loving activism. No matter what - don't lose your steam when you need to rest, nourish, re-activate. And get back up and be in service to what calls to you in your neighborhood.

Here's a little bit of my Mel Commitment - the path ahead changes and flows and moves and rises and falls and bridges are built then seem to fall away and always we move toward a world filled with love. Please consider joining us.To trigger something wonderful, here's part of my daily, ongoing process of listening within and finding the space to create that inner wonder that ignites the power of our being and affirming the way ahead.

The numinous path we walk
is lit from within
new steps
new pleasure
new life
Be gentle
Don't beat yourself up, for anything
Honor yourself, your community, your neighbors, live a life in integrity.
Surrender into thoughts of love and forgiveness 

The mind training portoin challenges the ego and cracks its code freaking out the system. Practice cracks you into your soul's calling, your inner wisdom.

I am in service
I am love
I work through love
from which all things will flourish
I AM committed to being my authentic self
I am glowing and shining and bright
I share myself to my work to be loving.
I give myself freely. I show up with love.
I am on my path full of love full of joy in love with my life as it is
What I know I awaken deeply to new people
I do my work in wholeness.
I am supported nourished and loved
I live in the radiance of my new thinking, new relationships and whatever else the universe is called to offer as new possibility!
I am not tempted to judge, shame, name call, or hurt with my words or actions.
my heart is open
I am unattached
I am free
I am.

Happy comes from peace. Peace comes from practicing peace giving and extending peace, I remember to honor my Sunday school activities, "Peace be with you."  and it's call response "Also, with you."

Some things that work for me...
Engage in a practice that works for you.
Find some statements that work for you. Enjoy your practice.
Be grace and love in action. Have Fun and enjoy a little Gregory Porter

"Don't Lose Your Steam" to fuel the journey.
"If the bridges fall down, don't lose your head of steam.
"Don't lose your head of dream
Young man, I am counting on you."

if the bridges fall down, don't lose your head of steam
Young man, I am counting on you
to get me to the other side."

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