Wednesday, February 01, 2017

6th Annual Mels Love Land #Next100 Day 96 True Greatness.

We want to believe our country is the greatest country just like when we are kids, we believe our Dad is the greatest. The truth is our definition of great is based on our perspective. When our perspective shifts our idea of greatness shifts, expands. grows, it does not make our perspective of greatness wrong it makes it our point of view at a point in time. We want to believe it is great because it is what we have. It is where we are.  We own it.  Greatness is a word.  Greatness is a fluidity of purpose.  It is not a place. It is a feeling and expression, it is not an ideal to be idolized it is an experience of the heart.  

A friend's Five Year Old Son walks into everyroom he enters and says "I have a great idea." Not every idea he has is great.  We do not live in the greatest country in the world.  We do live in a world filled with great and wonderful people acting with kindness and love.  We make it great.

This excerpt from I AM A GREAT MAN sets the stage for transformation.  It allows for new beginnings. It opens up space for love and light. Consider the possibility what you are hearing and seeing is not true. What inner direction comes through when you step into the greatness of the heart.

My actions create a solid chain of unbroken kindness
My power lies in the heart of human kind

I own my responsibilities but I am not weighed down by responsibility

Dignity and resolve become my daily companions
I rise up to any challenge with integrity
I face what seems unfaceable

And begin again.

I am a Great Man.

Here's Garret Hunter reading from the I AM A GREAT MAN book of affirmations...


Knowledge is power
Compassion is action through the eyes of Love

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