Wednesday, February 01, 2017

6th Annual Mels Love Land #Next100 Day 95 The Heart Speaks Every Language

We have different beliefs, different experiences, different interpretations, but we all share the same emotional tenor of that space where we can recognize the piercing of our heart through the veil in communication with something deeper. With care and loving work we grow into powerful stewards of our own being, learning to move into the space of conviction and faith and knowing beyond what the physical eye, the senses, society are telling us, holding the light to the darkness knowing it is just another way of experiencing the truth of yourself. In touch with the language of the heart in Love’s fullest presence. Nothing to be afraid of, everything to hold onto, and everywhere all at once.

Allow nature’s process to work through you, releasing any resistance, opening to all of you. Exploding into the fullness of each moment sending Love with each breath. Get in touch with that which knows, that which needs no explanation or translation that is awash in compassion and grace and needs no translation, is understood as love in all its forms, no difference, no separation, all love in its essence of existence.

Sometimes words strike you down to your knees... when I read these. I stayed there.

“There are always and only two trains running.
There is life and there is death.
Each of us rides them both.

To live life with dignity,
To celebrate and accept responsibility
For your presence in the world
Is all that can be asked of anyone.”

-- August Wilson

We are here to celebrate each moment as the gift that it is in full acceptance for what is.  The sound of the rain needs no translation, the heart needs no translation, love needs no translation.

Celebrate this moment as the beginning of a grand exploration into the meaning and power of Love. You have all the support you need to be all of you. Know you will be guided to the person, place or thing that will serve the needs of your soul. Know you are loved.

You will be guided to the person, place, thing, action, kindness you are called to do.

#MelsLoveLand #Peace #Celebration

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