Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What is Next for Us? Mels Love Land #Next100 #MiniMag #AllSystemsLove

I love this country deeply with eyes to see it clearly. 

It matters the words we use.

It matters the respect we extend to each other.

It matters that we speak up for each other.

Name calling and bullying is too much in a world where each of has to process and progress through the work of our days.

Our children understand the way ahead in their hearts, in their art, in their minds...

"Kind is the New Cool" "Love is the Way"

We do not need an amplification of hate, but a civility of discourse. We do not need a churning of fear that leads to suffering, we will be extending love.

We are in a great time of change of conscious reasoning. We need more education, more civility, more compassion, more kindness.

It is our time to rise up and stand for our human brothers and sisters to showcase how love leads the way, that our hearts vision of peace is possible, that kindness is cool and that we do not need to have more so others can have less. We can care for each other and provide for the common wealth.

The feet on the ground provided nourishment for the work ahead as we recognize and remember the power of our inner light. There will be such a roar on the mountaintops as each of us achieves a level of remembering. We have a voice and, as my friends grandmother always says, we know how to use it "to speak the truth with love."

We can't know how someone will react to the loving truth, it is not our job to monitor their progress, It is within our hearts to speak the truth we were born to speak to play the part we were put here to play. To share what is important and necessary to us and through us. Love will unite us as this temperature of compassion rises to burn away our fears and clear away acts of injustice. We are in this together. We the people are a force to be reckoned with and no matter what stands in our way, no matter how misperceptions contine to flourish, the basic tenants of our wrong minded thinking will fall away one way or the other into a space of true and deep healing of our thoughts bent toward action and compassion and care for each other and our world.

Now is always the time to do right. and in this right-minded thinking free of having to do somethin we all rise into the light of a tomorrow more loving than today, more kind and more compassionate and full of the grace necessary to do what needs to be done.

The Path to True Power
The work of ideas and imagination and loving humanity centered movement begins. In the weeks into and through February there will be meetings in living rooms, in hotels, in communities, across the planet to connect and divine a new order of the day.

The Guide to Change
Change begins in each individuals heart arising to the challenge of what must be done in their life, their families, communities and neighborhoods.  Just because something is not your experience does not mean it does not happen.

The Way of Love
Love is not convenient. Love is an action of the heart. It is the cry of freedom of expression, the beauty of life's truest expression. It is an ecstatic will to survive and thrive and be alive to all that life is. We have proven methodologies of how to practice the way of love. It is like exercise. If you are not working at being loving, fear and anxiety and apathy sets in.

What Are You Called to Do?
What action, event, sharing, signing up for, action item, to do, donation, cheerleading is in your heart to do?  Let's join together in celebration and unity and get shit done. We stand before a dying patriarchy lead machine that has not put humanity first. We are smart enough to shift course, to change course and to stand for all we know to be truth fulled. Our children are watching, hearts are listening, now is the time to do right.

The Power of Activism
To act in service to the heart. To be someone today that activates love is the gift of the grace of now. Step into it. Step up to it. Engage in the work of love. See with clear eyes and grow the garden of activism to do what needs to be done.

Be someone today that considers the possibility there is another way to look at the conversations and actions taking place.

This is the beginning of the Mels Love Land movement that encompasses many actions and points of intersection. We stand today for love, in love and with loving action to shift to full and equal human rights outlining thoughts that are on the top of our mind and lighting a way forward.

Challenge yourself to See with New Eyes with a new POV and be willing to see change in a new light in what's remembered.  We don't need more while others are suffering. We can work with what we have to innovate and organize and renew the thinking towards a future different than the past.

Please let us know if you have anything to add to this conversation, ideas, suggestions, outpourings, hugs, love notes, whatever it takes, we are in this together.

 Lots of Love,



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