Thursday, January 26, 2017

We have ALL been stripped of our Privilige. What Now? Listening as awakening. Mels Love Land #Next100 #Day90

I practice Patience. I Listen. I am Kind.

Waking up can be gradual or take place in the blink of an eye. Humanity is rising and turning on the light and facing old demons and standing up to tyranny and saying enough. "Enough" of the thinking that lead us here and enough of the practices that keep us stuck in fear and hate. Turn on the light. Experience something different. Keep your heart open as Rumi says listen with the ear of the heart.

For Today's Day 90 practice of Mels Love Land "let your light shine" I decided to share words that floated through my heart and soul this week. Words and reflections on the course of human history and the state of our democratic process.

I remain a love activist, first and foremost.
My heart is open to all ideas that provide for our common wealth and humanities grace.
I am interested in programs that are inclusive and systemic shifts in societal planning; and I love change and I love bottom up and top down cleaning of the closets as my Grandmother used to say "with love." 

Each of us has our internal guidance system that leads our actions. I trust you will be called to what brings you joy. Each of us has our note to play in the universal symphony.

Let today be an open hearted leap into inner power and love for you.
Let your light shine.
Be an act of loving aweseome-ness in someone's life.
Be Kind.

Onward to more love. Enjoy today's 350+ words.


My Mom told me she prayed and prayed
and went to bed the night before the election
that God had forsaken our country
I listened

When she woke up
and found her one prayer had been answered
I listened
As the cries of my friends
turned from disbelief
to determination and action
I listened

When my Best Friend broke down in tears
Feeling lost and alone and afraid
in the wake of division and social media exhaustion
as her Partner planned his trip
to the White House
to celebrate
the inauguration
I listened

When one of my mentors shared
After 50 years
I still can't believe I have
to fight for this shit.
I listened

When I stood in a crowd of 750K plus people
in the City of Angels
voicing their anger with love

When I looked around me
in a sea of faces
of hearts
of love
I listened

On the Monday after the Woman’s March
a young College Student beginning her new semester
shared a post---
“I signed up for self defense class for women at my school. Within the first four minutes, the professor has said "no wonder you're all still single" "no wonder you all need to group together to protest, I do everything myself" and, 'pay attention to me like a boyfriend you love' -- Why can't he just shut up and teach me things”

I listened.

I am sorry for how wrong I got it.

I tried to understand a 1000 different ways
I tried to act a 1000 different times
I tried to explain in a 1000 different styles
I did not get it.
I did not get it.
I did not get it.

I donated, I explained, I participated
and I did not get it.

I am sorry for how wrong I got it.

I am sorry for the ways I thought I got it right.
I apologize for not speaking up
I apologize for not standing up
I apologize for accepting and getting along
To keep the peace
to people please
to not get yelled at
to not lose a job
to not lose standing

I apologize for all of it
to all of you.
I am sorry.

I listen
I listen
I listen
with ears to hear
and love to share
and grace to find
in conversations to be had
in communications that will persist
in joy that will bring

-poem by Mel Lutz, part of a new series of Love Talks: Healing the Soul of America in LA, CA. NY, NY. + Wash DC.

More information on the 6th Annual Mels Love Land #Next100 and Mels Love Land #MiniMag - All Systems Love can be found here.