Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mels Love Land #Next100 Day 5 / 100 "It Always Seems Impossible till it is done."

"It Always Seems Impossible till it is done." Nelson Mandela

Mels Love Land #Next100

Repeat after me.

Nothing's impossible, I have found
For when my chin is on the ground.I pick myself up, Dust myself offAnd start all over again.

Every thought you would keep hidden shuts communication off, because you would have it so.  It is impossible to recognize perfect communication while breaking communication (with unspoken words) hold value to you.  Ask yourself honestly, “would I want to have perfect communication, and am I wholly willing to let everything that interferes with it go forever?"  

Offer prayers to all you meet in the spirit of your heart. Say unto yourself. 'May my voice ring with harmony for all the ages.  May my loves expand, may my life grow and may all blessings rise to meet every situation.' Today and everyday let's be great in our interactions, in our homes, in our neighborhoods, building communities with love.

Just do what must be done. This may not be happiness, but it is greatness.
George Bernard Shaw 

Make the impossible a daily occurance.

Commit to being honest with yourself and others in every encounter.  Practice being loving.  Listen with your heart and open up to the magnificent expression of your soul's expression.

Ask yourself, will I be someone today who lives the truth, expressing what needs to be shared with love?

Love, Mel

This loving thought is part of
the 6th Annual
#Next100 Days of All Systems Love

Download PDF 11 Ways to Let Love Lead the Way Here.

May love surround you and work through you.

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