Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mels Love Land: Creating (ART) (LOVE) (KINDNESS) Event 11/6

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"Creating (Art) (Love) and (Kindness)" – A Children's Art Exhibition
 Sunday, November 6th at the  "ALL(MOST) Studio & Gallery"
1288 S. La Brea, Los Angeles CA 90019
12pm - 4pm

LOS ANGELES, October 20, 2016 – Exploring the themes of love and kindness, Los Angeles-area kindergarten and first graders have created paintings, drawings and writings, to be exhibited at the All(Most) Gallery on November 6th.

The event was organized by Tamra Raven and Melanie Lutz, two Los Angeles-based television writer/producers who have been working on various local kindess, love and empathy-promoting projects.

Raven recalls she began by asking parents and teachers to dialogue with their children by asking them questions, which were to be answered by their own original work. Some questions included: “What does Kindness look like? Can we imagine a world with no bullies? Could you write a letter to someone about being kind? What do people need to do or know to be kind? What does sharing look like?"

Raven says memorable responses incorporated into the young artists’ work included “I’m sharing flowers with my friend because she is lonely” and “sharing makes people happy and makes you even happier.”

Raven explains some of her motivations: "It feels like we all spend so much time in front of screens and we really wonder about the effect of that making us all ultimately more distant. We’re turning to hands-on art creation as a way to make us think about feeling connected to each other. A goal is for us all to see the world through a more empathetic lens."

Melanie Lutz, co-organizer, shares the thought process driving her efforts: “We’re interested in creating reminders that giving is receiving, with the notion that a key part of evolving as a person is seeing how we can help each other out with love. We want to provide heart centered reminders to share the gifts that we sometimes even forget that we have.”

Raven and Lutz have been finding that using Facebook Groups as a homebase has been a successful strategy to develop their events and expand their ever-growing circle of participants. Raven says “sometimes we’re left speechless by the wonderful stories our members share with us. And with so many unconscionable things dominating the general news cycle, it’s been so great and encouraging to learn there really are so many big-hearted people out there.” Lutz adds "It is a beautiful world filled with beautiful people."

Tamra Raven: "For a few years now, I've had a Facebook group devoted to acts of kindness and stories about giving back."
"I was inspired initially by my 3 year-old daughter's inclination to randomly give to others and her unprovoked displays of empathy." The group shares stories weekly, on the topic of random acts of kindness.

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We're creating an environment where Amazing Magnificent Phenomenal (AMP) women can join together to become a force for accomplishing their dreams. AMP's "Sunday Tea” events honor icons and predecessors and also offer peaceful spaces to discuss the road ahead.

About THE KINDNESS CLUB (Events promoted by 52 Weeks of Give Back and AMP Experience)

The Kindness Club is a "pop-up" experience of loving and kind actions appearing in various neighborhoods to promote the concepts of "giving back" and "paying forward." 

The group is an extension of the ongoing work of "52 Weeks of Giveback" and "Mel's Love Land: All Systems Love," creating spaces for inspiration and discussion. For more information 


Tamra Raven  /  917-855-3800

Melanie Lutz

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