Friday, October 21, 2016

Love in Action Shout Out: AMP EXPERIENCE Mels Love Land Issue 9 | Soul Celebration

AMP EXPERIENCE is a place for sisterhood and inspiration, for love and sharing, for grace and amplification of our hearts goals.  AMP presents an environment where Amazing Magnificent Phenomenal (AMP) women meet up to discuss topics and share resources that add value to our lives.

AMP EXPERIENCE was born out of two women’s inspiration to share their hearts and home and believes that it is an exciting time to be alive and be a Woman as more and more opportunities open up paving the way for the authentic expression of the self to speak above all, in every aspect of life.

We never know so many things about why we are drawn where we are or how a particular offering of our heart may touch others. We do know AMP EXPERIENCE is a beautiful reminder that we are all Amazing, Magnificent and Phenomenal, truly and wholly!  In every aspect of our lives we are finding equity and balance and peace. We stand with you in this remembering, and, we are one united front of love against what ails us and we celebrate our soul sisters in each AMP Experience.

Collectively it takes a Village and it is up to every one of us to show up for what we recognize is important to our growth. AMP works together to accomplish miracles in our communities and the worlds we inhabit.

Women are by nature super fierce.  
The divine feminine is healing in unanticipated ways as more an more misogyny is excavated. Women understand the gestation process.  The longer cycles of birthing possibilities.

Creating balance in the sight of our differences.

Inspiration comes in many forms, in acts great and small, To bare witness to great acts of courage, wrapped in simple elegant gestures of showing up  touched by the sight of what I have seen.

There have been many defining moments in opening up to more and more power and light and love in every situation and circumstance.

In the quiet grace of showing up in each moment we are delivered the gift of possibility to what is ever waiting to be born.

Activism lies in the heart of our actions.  In her tireless action a new order is in full activation.  It is time to act with purpose.  It is time to show up in the light of a new day.

Realizing the truth in our dreams however large are small is at the center of societal change and harmony.  Luckily we have examples of what it means to own the truth and live out the mission of purpose.

It is an honor to answer the call for more love and healing however it manifests in the ways we are called to be of service in a world that is changing and growing in its humanity and birthing new consciousness.

Everyone is here for a reason. Each relationship, action, creates an equal and opposite re-action. Fear and loathing, hate and hypocrisy are being revealed for deeper holding, more love and we are experiencing a release into what is possible.  It is not the midnight of our discontent It is our eleventh hour of grace where we change course and establish a world where enough is enough. Where we don't need more so someone has less. Where we think about the whole in balance, without grabbing unnecessarily because we can.

With infinite love and deep gratitude we offer up AMP EXPERIENCE for your involvement, for your support, for your participation and for your ideas.


Enjoy this month’s MELS LOVE LAND #MINIMAG | ISSUE 9 SOUL CELEBRATION allow it to fall over you, and work through you and send you into the freedom of your heart.

Download Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 9 here.

Want to get involved. Take part.  Join us as we come together for a unique collaborative afternoon of Art, Media and Tea exploring the new world order change agents of Kindness and Love.

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