Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Forgiveness. Releasing. Accepting. #Miracles #Love #Grace

"Being angry is like holding a red hot rock in your hand and getting ready to throw it at them. In the meantime, you get burned. So forgiveness is putting down the rock"

Forgiveness is the home of miracles. A miracle is an instant of truth.  The holy instant when you see your life with love.  This place where you are open and in alignment with source viewing your life through the vision of love, plugged in to what is already there.

Choose today to forgive, to open your heart to that deep connection with the universal light within all things. Allow yourself to be a place where love flourishes and expands naturally as ever deepening expressions of love. Choose to see every situation differently, because in choosing forgivness, in dropping the rock, you honor your deepest loving self.

Make a choice to be and see Lots of Love as you forgive, release and let go of any sword, rock, insult, judgement that might come forward...

Life is meant to be celebrated with love and light and joy. Foriveness is meant to be given and recieved through the powerful vulnerabilty of grace. 

Get out there and be loving, today and everyday. And while you are doing it, enjoy a fashionable game of crouquet.

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