Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Shift to Love. Mels Love Land #MiniMag ! Issue 8 - Freedom

In his book Stride Toward Freedom
Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote…

“Mahatma Gandhi never had more than one hundred persons absolutely committed to his philosophy. But with this small group of devoted followers, he galvanized the whole of India, and through a magnificent feat of nonviolence challenged the might of the British Empire and won freedom for his people. This method of nonviolence will not work miracles overnight. Men are not easily moved from their mental ruts, their prejudiced and irrational feelings."

It is time to shift your thoughts, your attitidue, your work and service toward love. Be committed.

Thanks for joining the love movement. We appreciate you, your heart, 

Lots of Love,

Enjoy the latest issue 8 Freedom of Mels Love Land #MiniMag here.

Photo by: Felix Francisco Quintana
production of Ama Terra at The Actors Gang Theater in Los Angeles, CA.

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