Thursday, July 07, 2016

First Principles. Do No Harm. Do Unto Others. Leave it Better Than You Found It.

As we achieve a collective gridlock in beliefs, ideologies, passions, fundamentals, and opinions the only choice left is to go into the deeper conversation. There's a Latin phrase that represents a foundational element of the healing arts, medicine, and the sciences, Primum non nocere -- "First, do no harm." Entering any situation with this simple thought sets the stage for compassion and connection.

The end of what separates us and the beginning of a humanistic approach is in our sites because we have no other options. Our goals are the same no matter who we are or what we believe, and the great news is, if our intention is that we "First, do no harm" to ourselves and others it's easier to find common ground. It is a time to take action in our communities. To be kinder, more loving, more forgiving, to go out of your way to connect to the angels of your better nature and clean house, clean up and clean out what needs clearing.

Moving to the next logical associative thought, the words "Do not onto others what you would wish not them do onto you" is more than a statement of purpose, it is an invitation. Each act has a ripple effect of its beginnings. If you do kindness unto others, kindness will flood back to you. It is an equal sum game, cause and effect in perfect balance.  

Imagine the possibilities for positive action when we're living in this simplest statement of our humanity, our connection to each other rather than our differences.

There is a great healing underway. Actually, a healing of epic proportions. The inequities and the trauma and the tyranny perpetrated through history is getting a consciousness raising, largely because there is no more physical room to hide. A great light is being cast on the things that aren't important, that aren't working, so they can be addressed, atoned and freed, bringing everything up and out of the shadows for a Love filled healing so we can experience the Truth. We all have different ways that we experience Truth, because those ways are different doesn't mean it isn't the same Truth.  We arrive at the same place through many different doors. It doesn't matter what door you go through just that you open your heart to truth. That you speak truth to power and you experience the loving intuition of action from the space of truth.

Today is the perfect day to choose to see everything with a lens of loving thought. To do unto others. To experience the grace of each moment. To remember we are all connected.  There is no us or them it is 'we the people, united to form a more perfect union, establish justice in pure domestic tranquility.'  What you seek you find.  Seek out that which is in harmony with your soul's purpose. Seek out that which is right minded and just, seek love, and you just might tip the balance in favor of a world united in peace, healing our earth as the home we cherish. There are more of us that are loving than there are haters. There are more of us acting with kindness of spirit and generosity of action, there are more of us in graceful union with our hearts. It doesn't take the 'mass mob' it takes a critical mass committed to the principles of change and growth and loving action.

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