Thursday, June 09, 2016

When you Practice Taking Action with Love the Future Takes Care of Itself.

The deepest form of Community is to join with a brother in a purpose higher than your own. Let today be a reminder there is much to be done and bust out the Love, open your heart and turn up the volume to an eleven.

"Live your life in such a way...  make it a better world, just where you are.' To teach is to demonstrate. Demonstrate what it means to do your best.

Dr. Maya Angelou is no longer with us in body, but luckily her words and spirit remain.

"Whenever I am obliged to do something  she talks about what would my Grandmother say, What would Grandmom say...'Sister, You know what to do. Just do Right.'"

"It will satisfy your soul.  Just do right.  It will bring you the kind of protection that body guards can't give you. Be the best human being you can be..."  

Do it.  Because it is the right thing to do.  

Dr. Maya Angelou wrote some of my favorite words from her poem our Grandmothers... always sharing the truth of what 'I shall not be moved' means through time and space and trials and tribulations, through injustice and just ness you do right. You take up the battle and you live your life, you love your battles and your choices. You can decide. Enjoy these words of strength and courage as you pick up the battle where you are. It can be better and it will be better. It is up to us.

She stood in midocean, seeking dry land. 
She searched God's face. 
she placed her fire of service 
on the altar, and though 
clothed in the finery of faith, 
when she appeared at the temple door, 
no sign welcomed 
Black Grandmother, Enter here.

Into the crashing sound, 
into wickedness, she cried, 
No one, no, nor no one million 
ones dare deny me God, I go forth 
along, and stand as ten thousand.

The Divine upon my right 
impels me to pull forever 
at the latch on Freedom's gate.

I shall not be moved.

In every breath we get the opportunity to remain deeply rooted into the soul of ourselves offering love to all we meet, making our corner of the world a better place. Letting our light shine through.

Love. Right now.

As Michael Beckwith says MLK didn’t go to Washington D.C. and say ‘I have a complaint.’  He went to Washington DC and said “I have a dream.”

See today where you are forgetting to bring more love and kindness to a situation, where you are forgetting dreams do come true, everyday in every way.

Hiding in the bosom of the cult of culture is not going to do it. No more living in the delusion of separation and being different. No more blinders. It is time for the truth. Recognizing our commonalities. Recognizing our note in the song of the universe enabling beautiful harmonies in our practice of humanity until all of us on this planet are peaceful.

Starting here. Starting now. Make a choice to practice humanity by taking loving action.  Make your corner of the world a space that flourishes in brilliance and connection and Love.

When you practice taking action with love the future takes care of itself.

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Melanie Lutz is a writer living in Los Angeles, CA.

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