Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Love is our Richest Resource and Tool and is Inexhaustable. When it is our Best. Why is it our Last Resort?

The choice to see and act and share with love brings us to the heart of peace changing every dynamic in the worlds we inhabit. 

Love says yes. Love says no. Love allows us to flourish onto our path in the world.  Love embraces all that is and all that will be. Love brings us into the center of our being, home, in every circumstance.

From his book Stride Toward Freedom Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote… “Mahatma Gandhi never had more than one hundred persons absolutely committed to his philosophy. But with this small group of devoted followers, he galvanized the whole of India, and through a magnificent feat of nonviolence challenged the might of the British Empire and won freedom for his people. This method of nonviolence will not work miracles overnight. Men are not easily moved from their mental ruts, their prejudiced and irrational feelings.”

As a society, as human beings as individuals, who are deeply connected to the all, there is one way ahead, one way that expands without reserve, that be their mere existence create miracles.  These are our acts of love.

While change may happen in an instant, a season, a lifetime, it matters not, time and space are illusions of consciousness, in a very practical sense every loving effort impacts the interconnected energetic field of possibilities.   

Today, your act  of love and kindness can make all the difference in someone’s experience of themselves and their place in the harmony of our system.  Your act of love could allow compassionate action to flow. In this stance entering the space of all that is unknown, living with the questions that naturally want answers, enjoying what we have, being in the present with those called to us, engaging in open service, providing what we can, in the way we are called the world as we know it becomes something glorious. Something wondrous. And something to be with, adding no meaning, just celebrating.

In our own way, Mels Love Land is a body of love makers standing strongly in the light of new tomorrows where every one is fed, where we understand the concept that all our needs are met and we are in the seat of our soul’s code remembering the truth.

When Gandhi spoke of ‘sparks of inner fire of truth’ that is built into humanities operating system, this master teacher, reminded the world of the virtuality of instant connection reclaimed in the form of increasing gravitas and endless possibility that is our loving birthright.   Tuning into the principles of love and compassion, where love’s message matters most, hipping in to the grounded connection in that river of strength, courage that comes from understanding this unbending mechanism of humanities fullest powers.
A great service will befall the world, society and most importantly the community in which you reside as love grounds deeply through your being. Critical Mass is the whole enchilada, the number of us doesn’t matter, it is merely our tiny acts of love and compassion with the commitment to stand in principle embracing the discipline of our loving actions, to make a change, one moment at a time, with intention and joy and openness.

Why not enjoy all that loving enables in our lives, through our loves, and, why not drop all our swords of defensiveness providing a bridge to an open your heart.

May you feel connected, comforted and full of peace

Today. Now. Always.

May love lead the way

May discipline be your companion

And May all efforts have the energy of your loving intention.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude

Melanie Lutz is a Lover and Writer Living in Los Angeles, CA.
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