Saturday, June 18, 2016

Everyday is Father's Day. Great Men Are Everywhere.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their pictures and stories of their Dad's.

Lots of Love, Always.

Mel Lutz's I AM A GREAT MAN from Melanie Lutz on Vimeo.

Everywhere I look I see fantastic men, building businesses, growing up, raising children, dreaming of new ways to support their families, standing in righteous decision making and courageously moving forward in their lives striving to be the best they can be. 

When someone sent me this beautiful note it made me think. It reminded me of how little we know about what another person is going through and how much opportunity exists to lighten people’s days!

“Regarding Father’s Day: Thank you for the very first moment of enlightenment that I have experienced in a number of years. Fully recognizing that this day of all days is reserved to honor Father’s and that I have my own trepidations of its arrival. As I had awoken this morning; regrettably, my feelings of unease had not changed. And, as the hours passed, I began to believe the woefully inadequate mood in which I originated my day, would most probably not change. Once again, I recognized that today I was feeling as tormented as I have felt every Father’s Day, in each of the ensuing eight years that I have spent without my very own Father. Soon, however, I would learn that this year would be different. This year would not bring another disconcertingly sorrowful Father’s Day after all. Finally, there was going to be a transformation and it was all going to begin with your words. Reminding me my Dad was still with me, his voice was in my head, his love was in my heart.”

You never know who is going to get what out of your work and most of the time it is a complete surprise. It is the privilege of writing words on blank pages from the heart.

Let’s take care with each other, take care with our actions and let us continue to be more loving today than we were yesterday to those we encounter, to those we love and to those who share our day in and day outs. Let's be an example out there as we stride through the world. 

Thanks to everyone who purchased a copy of I am a Great Man for Father's Day this year. It is most appreciated!  

Thanks as well to my Dad for everything he taught me and thanks to all our Father’s today and everyday for waking up, pressing on, and being who they are!
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