Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Thought from the Butterflies.

the butterflies whisper my name
they call me from other spaces of truth
shouting 'now is the time.'

these precious breaths, this precious moment, now.

nowhere is it within our hearts to take action
we are to be action
to surround the winds with love
to beat our wings in protest of what is not
to encourage it into being
now and forever
now and forever
do not worry 
it is all as it is
the beats go strong, the beats go on
the moment is now
do not fade from the task
beat on
beat on

beat on.

#Butterflies in Flight to a New Tomorrow

Mels Love Land is proud to support Critical Mass Dance Company's work and
its Movement to Change the World.
Ama Terra 2016
Arco Iris 2017
Love. Always.

Watch Nat Geo's The Incredible Story of the Monarch Butterfly
Stay Connected. Stay Committed and Stay True.

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