Wednesday, June 15, 2016

52 WEEKS OF GIVEBACK - MelsLoveLand #MiniMag #Love Activism Shout Out.

Inspiration strikes in many forms from the purest of hearts to the depths of global realities, 52 Weeks of Give Back founder Tamra Raven found hers in the eyes of her daughter. "My daughter at age 3 reminded me about the power of kindness - she made a small gesture to a complete stranger (happened to be our mailman) and started us on a journey of doing at least one act of kindness weekly."  


A simple idea. A grand adventure. An experience of grace. Perform one “random act of kindness” each week for 52 weeks. 

"Over the last three years, it's been great to see how others are contributing to the group and how they choose to share their "acts of kindness."  Eventually, my hope for the "giveback" process is that it becomes a bit less deliberate for us all and ultimately just a way of life." Ms. Raven goes on to share "it seems like we all spend a crazy amount of time with screens and gadgets, and likely not enough time face-to-face. My hope, that these kind acts and interactions can make us feel more connected to each other, and maybe a little less distant or fearful. Empathy strikes me as such an important aspect of being an evolved person (and maybe one day, it'll be a more agreed-upon characteristic of an evolved society). I'm excited about encouraging us all to try to envision the world through a more empathetic lens."

If you are inspired to join the giveback movement, where you share and contribute to a world of greater kindness go to weblink:

When kindness and love join together the world changes in miraculous ways. Be a part of the change.

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