Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Today. Right Now. Create Loving Balance. #Harmony #Love #Peace

Right now. In this breath. Love yourself with wild abandon and cherish the moods and rhythms of your sacred sounds. There is only one of you. Complete and healed and whole and in full possession of unending joy, peace, love and presence of self.

The greatest power we have in the world is to change our mind about a circumstance, to stand in the field of possibilities, and consider the possibility there is another way to look at any situation we find ourselves in. When we disconnect from the stories we have told ourselves that disempower us we are set free from the past and allow the miracle of the present to flourish.. Each breath then represents the fullness of all that you are, every cell of your being alive and awake to who and what makes your heart beat down to the cellular level ingrained in the codes of your DNA.

Experience all of you and say
Thank God for who you are.
Exactly as you are.

Celebrate each step, each encounter and each expression of your truest self, fully revealed and alive and awake in each moment.

Affirm that which is most loving.

Let my heart rise and flow
expanding through my breath
in its ever radiating glow
restored to my blissful self
Inviting my heart space
to unlock the treasure chest of recognition
Prospering in all ways and means

Revealing what is already mine
In service to my magnificence
Striking a tune the likes of which emanates from my soul
The hum of which cascades ever forward
Gently with force
Exploding the crucible of my being
Once crucified and crushed

In Harmony
Peace filled
In Love.

Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 6 | Balance
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