Wednesday, May 04, 2016

This Month We Celebrate and Honor our Sister Friends

Every time I heard Dr. Maya Angelou speak or read her words, the voices of history reverberated through my system. When she talked of her "Sister Friends" my soul stirred at the reminder of a deep truth and I finally understood, we, as women, are indeed a sisterhood, past and present, made up of all the women of the world in harmony and peace.  We are a sisterhood, all of us, in each others lives to celebrate each other and answer each other's calls with all the grace and power and joy that our divine hearts afford.

There's a part of me that is always in touch with the whispers of our female ancestors whose voices were oppressed, bodies enslaved and vision narrowed who paved the way to full and equal human rights and whose spirits carry us forward to global equality. Those women of courage and heartitude and wisdom who have allowed us the privilege of speaking our minds, sharing our gifts and growing into the women we are.

I didn't have a sister growing up but over the years this concept of Sister Friends and family has continued to expand.  My Sister Friends and I organized a hike on a recent weekend to meditate and affirm our next level of growth and to reconnect with the earth and each other.  We took the time to take a walk in nature, to share our feelings and to sit with each other and hold space for what lies ahead.  There is no doubt we are all here for a reason and in these quiet moments in nature we reconnect to that which is most important in the chaos of our days.  That spirit of sisterhood filled with compassion, friendship, laughter, tears, invitations, insights and beautiful spirits.  

We applaud each other's successes and hug each other in our losses.  We offer kindness when hardships and doubt seem to flow.  We stand with each other as necessary to embolden our hearts.  We rest in the wisdom, intelligence and caring of all who have come before us and all who will follow.

We are in a time where we have lost our sense of humanity. Globalization has widened our viewpoint but has not increased our connectedness. Instead, barriers have been established, freedoms have been undermined and blinders have grown and grown. Rabbit holes have sprung up along the way and millions have segmented into these holes.

Within this framework, my sister family, whose experience bring me wisdom, whose intelligence and caring continues to teach me kindness, whose presence stands with me, and whose spirits understand my journey, keep me strong, connecting, coinciding, collaborating, always healing, embolden my actions remind we are powerful beyond measure.

When you find yourself in a space where loving action is required, know you need only lean on the Sisterhood that we all inhabit. Take today to celebrate the courage that lives within you that represents all the support you will ever need to do what needs to be done in your life and community.

Thanks and gratitude to all my Sister friends.

With love.

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