Monday, May 09, 2016

Shifting perceptions from Fear to Love: Mels Love Land #Insights #Wisdom

Mastery of fear, like everything on the emotional spectrum, is another tool in the tool chest, another sensation to exploit to your benefit.

Mastery of fear, isn’t fearlessness it is fear embraced and understood for its deep purpose. It is fear ensconced and evaluated and played for its essence and sustenance and energy to arrive at a new unfolding destination of truth into Love.

Being someone who daydreams, imagines and explores different realms of time and space for a living, life is always an active contemplation of discovery baring witness to my endless curiosity.  My daily practice of love has brought me vision and wisdom in so many unexpected ways.  In this Loving ecosystem of my days, I wonder and wonder, and then magically wonder what would this situation look like through the eyes and heartways of love.  These explorations have led me into worlds and worlds and worlds and new worlds, yet again, each one, revealing something I never would have imagined.

Knowing the principles of love and practicing them does not free me from experiencing the pains and struggles and anxieties that flourish in fear that is part of our humanity. Some of the most painful experiences involve releasing these chains of nonexistence that has the strongest hold. These energetic holds are the work of the discipline of love, where the remembering and knowing and being becomes the work of compassion.  If the chains were real we could gnaw, destroy, release, wrangle, wriggle and fight my way to freedom. The essence of the chain of nonexistence is you just need to effortlessly and purposefully take one easy, gentle grounded step into the direction of open hearted love and keep on going, not pausing to look back and watch the clouds disappear and the chains fall away and the hands grasping to pull you back lose their grips.

Through these lenses of love, practicing ‘vision’ beyond any fear or anxiety, there is freedom from the non-existent chains that counter intuitively keep us tethered.  Enjoy today in fearlessness as the fullest expression of open hearted loving grace.

Melanie Lutz is a screenwriter living in Los Angeles.

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