Friday, May 13, 2016

Love is a Meeting Place. A Deep Space of Being Available Everywhere in All Things.

Faith in the unseen, in that which is always present and available as a shift in perception is love as an energy remembering we are ever connected.  

In every way that we experience this in the grace of our days, life is in balance. We are present to all that is and in communion with the glory and beauty of inspiration.

For me in creating Mels Love Land, that space beyond any map, into the truest space of our heart, I had to cultivate a field of possibility that understood how to dance through whatever flowed.

A simple tiny prayer for Balance.

Bring me the guidance I need to see this a different way, to begin again, to learn a new way of being, to be balanced in my mind body and heart.

Right now.

Everyone’s internal guidance system is designed to provide the answer appropriate to your individual circumstance. No one has or holds the answers for you. It is everyone’s job to listen. It is not my job to wake people up. It took me ten years to get I could leave.  It took me ten years to listen to my intuition.  It took me ten years to do the loving thing for myself.  As Jung said “Genius lies beyond the wound.” The ego speaks first and the ego speaks loudest. Our greatest victory of self lies on the other side of the fear, so the bigger the fear the stronger the release into the miracle of the moment. Perception is different for everyone, it changes with the perceiver, it shifts, it can be healed and there will be a new connection to the truth.  A new pathway.  As you listen. The reality you thought you were stuck in is replaced and restored in right order of universal support.

In every way that you surrender into listening, into expanding your hearts purpose fully supported and in complete trust of the power that lives in you, life expands, joy increases and peace prevails. Have faith in this voice for your highest good.  Have faith in the beauty of nature's design.

Hearing your inner loving guidance system beyond the noise is the biggest part of the self loving journey.

Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 6 | BALANCE
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