Thursday, May 05, 2016

Harmony in the Deep River

William Wordsworth wrote 'There is a harmony in music' of the "dark invisible workmanship - that reconciles discordant elements - and makes them move in one society” in his work The Prelude. These words to me are the beginning and ending of every adventure and represents this deep river, ever flowing that connects all things. We are all in concert with this natural flow of what lies beneath that which allows the earth to spin around the sun and the stars to illuminate and the microcosm of the macrocosm to flow in endless patterns and works of collaboration. Never forget the power that fuels your movements and actions to divine loving possibilities for your soul. This imagery of a river that runs through all of it, a body of water that creates space for flow and life and love is the recognition that everything has its place and space to be of service to the whole. 

Embrace each day as the dawn of something amazing and wonderful and powerful that will grace all that is. Find yourself in wholeness today and everyday,
embracing the deepest rivers of our destiny.

Now and Forever

#MelsLoveLand #MiniMag Issue 6 | Balance

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