Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What Will You Sacrifice for? What Is Calling in Your Being to Be Born. Mels Love Land #Next100 Day 78

We all know exactly what we will give up to achieve our dreams.   We all understand how far we will travel to meet our destiny. We live, day in and day out in the trials and tribulations that come up along the way to living fully in our most authentic soul filled life.

Today's question, what are you willing to sacrifice in the best interests of this dream that is wanting to be born.

Are you ready right now to surrender in each breath to the life that you want.  Are you willing to stand so beautifully in open hearted grace and surrender to the source of loving joy and power that keeps the earth spinning and the sun rising and the trees and flowers blossoming.

Are you ready right now to celebrate your dreams and the dreams of those you encounter.  Are you ready to share in the deep connection of all that is and freely give the gifts you have been given.

Ask yourself a few important questions.

Are you ready to sacrifice your un-whole-ly judgements?  Are you willing to sacrifice your sense of entitlement and anger towards what you perceive is working against you? Are you willing to sacrifice what you know for the new leading edge possibilities of what is possible?

Are you ready?

Let's do this.

My prayers and love extend out to all of you as we take these next steps together.

May you fully cherish the Love Land of your days as a gentle but firm hand of support pushing you from behind into a deeper practice of  Loving You (for life.) May you see with your heart and be able to recognize the truth in every situation you encounter letting pure Love ignite your soul with a fierce blaze burning every unnecessary unloving thought and trauma into oblivion opening the sacred space of your inner knowing where you can experience and bring forth who you are.

Let any energy that is not serving the open space of my heart transform now and forever in Love.

Have a wonderful one!

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