Saturday, February 06, 2016

LOVE - Mels Love Land #Next100 Day 75

Give birth to the expression of your authentic self today.  Use the void between each breath to expand the truth of your unique journey, divinely guided in the most perfect fashion, surrounded by support for all the tears and laughter, expanding friendships, and connections that will feed your soul.  Ignite your ancestral heritage, that vibration of eternal existence, with full nourishment providing all the new creation energy necessary for your growth.

On this day, from the heart of Los Angeles, the City of Angels, I offer a tiny prayer from my collection of inspired affirmations of thought I am a Magnificent Woman that was gifted to me through my own tears. It was the answer to the question that I had walked and lived after leaving my marriage not knowing which end was up.  It was the answer to 'Who Are You?' And a most beautiful universal gift, because once I remembered who I was, I could re-member who everyone is.


An ancient melody calls us
to the awareness of who we are

Infinite heart
Infinite love
Infinite peace
Fierce compassion
Ultimate power

I am a Magnificent Woman

I will not fall asleep in the hour of our greatest need
I will not fall asleep because it is too painful to bare witness
I will not fall asleep because I don’t think I can handle it
I will not fall asleep because it is all too much

I reclaim the energy of creation
I open up to new possibilities
I am an active and purposeful participant
I own my gifts
And use them

I am a Magnificent Woman

I call on the teachers of the past
I call on the hearts and spirits of those women who were burned for their beliefs
Those women willing to lose their life in service of the truth
I call on our sisters and mothers and grandmothers and our daughters
I call on the Mary’s and Barbara’s and Sally’s
I call on the birth right of the feminine
I call on all the angels awaiting our cry
I call on everything now and forever 

I will
Give birth
To what wants to be born

I am a Magnificent Woman

I was not alone in the hour of my greatest agony
I was not alone when I needed help in taking the steps forward
I was not alone when I didn’t think I could go one
I was not alone when I needed to take action

I am not alone now that I remember the truth.

I am a Magnificent Woman.

I am not a slave to my past
I will not be silent
I will not be polite
I will not stay quiet

I see the pain that is all around me
I see the homeless growing in numbers on the streets where I live
I see children suffering and hungry
Hungry for food, hungry for education, hungry for love
I see people clouded by fear and hate
Disheartened by the sheer complexity of problem and difference of opinion

I see wise older souls with so much
I see beautiful children glowing in their light
I see love extending like brilliant sunshine
I see connection and honesty and integrity

I miss nothing. I see everything.
I bare witness to it all 
The soaring and the suffering
I rejoice in the sheer beauty of what will be

My eyes are wide open

I will not squash the pain I feel
I will not succumb to my disbelief
I will not hide from my depression
I will not disavow my anger

I will not turn away

I will expand the love I feel within
And if I don’t yet feel the love within
I will expand my sense of connection
I will be a bridge to hope
I will let humanity sing

I am a Magnificent Woman

I will not be worried that my crying will start and never end
I will stand in my tears and claim the truth
I will remember tears are a gateway to an open heart
I will feel hurts with compassion and rejoice in possibilities
I will let my tears flow freely
I will cry about what needs to be cried for
And when the tears stop
I will make any change necessary

I will not stand by while what I know is crushed and silenced
I will speak out loud
I will not let fear rule or fuel my actions
I will let love lead the way
I will experience the glory in all things

I will move into the deeper conversation
I will not need an answer
I will live the question

I will own what I know
I will be who I am
I will remember the truth
I will call on those around me
To join together
In celebration

I will quite simply -- grow up.
Answering the call of my being
To wake up
The healing and nourishing spirit
Of my birthright

I am

a Magnificent Woman.

Come cry with me

And when we are done

We will

Rise up

Fully awake







I am a Magnificent Woman.

Break your prayer open on the wind. Use the energy of our inten-tion and the magic of this moment to combine, uplift, and empower your next steps.

Throughout my process of events, and speeches and talks in asking what someone's I am was... The most interesting one came in the form of a woman who quietly approached me after my final prayer, what she said took my breath away.  Her "I am" after the most beautiful pregnant pause was ... "Listening." 

"I am listening."

The "I AM" statement is the most powerful truth in the Bible "Be still and know that I am."  This is one of the largest tools in the human arsenal.  To listen to the still quiet voice that has the an-swers for our highest good.

Every time an "I AM" is spoken an Angels heart is filled with joy and our societal connection ignites, binding the speaker together with a spirit in flight...
Practice your "I AM" and feel the miracle of calm rise within your being.

I am present
I am grateful
I am blessed
I am supported
I am content
I am ever evolving

Each "I AM" I hear builds on the last and is filled with presence and intention.

With everything going on in the world, today is the day to check in with yourself and listen to the truth of today's "I AM" and when you hear it.  Own it.  Use your "I AM" to  remember the truth... Use it to let your emotions flow, to just be in your space, allowing de-fenses fall away, and the surfacing emotions to release in the loving exchange.

Today.  Mine is...


It is an I AM to remember.
A love that is ever connected, ever free and wholehearted.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude
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