Saturday, December 12, 2015

What We Say and Do Matters - Be Kind. Be Loving. Be You. Mels Love Land Day 24

Words mean different things to different people.  One word, Love, when used with someone can cause them to punch you in the face, to another it means unending care.  Words hold all the meaning we ascribe to them.  Words can be used to separate each of us in a group, or a category, none of which brings us together.  The same Word can be the most deadly or the most loving.  What lies beneath our words mean the most.

Symbols of love live throughout the world at large to provide a platform of remembrance within the tenants of our days to wake up our “heart full of grace” enacting miracles with those we encounter at-tending to them as we would to our own needs. We are not in any of this alone and must be vigilant to what divides our heart and closes us down to receiving the gifts we already own.  In allowing a practice of love to permeate our thoughts, doing the right thing by showing up because we know in our hearts it is what is necessary, that the action is good and just, is all the action required to play the note we are here to play.  Love corrects perception in every given situation before us and not because we have been told, policed, regulated or bullied, but because we have loved.

As Maya Angelou wrote “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”

It is all of our job to sing our song with love and to provide an example of the purest grace of our being in giving birth in each moment to what wants to be born in ourselves and those we encounter.

We are Misters and Mistresses of the loving word, thought and action. What we say and do matters.  Let Love lead the way as the energy infused in a beginning pours throughout its vibration living far beyond the initial interaction that are experienced and picked up.  The world at large offers examples of this inherent spirit that lives in statues, art works, buildings, and most impactfully the human heart.  Why not choose in this moment to make the intentions of your beginnings in any work, project, exercise be completely loving and bathe yourself in the joy and magic of all that is miraculous about the expression of Love.  In this realm of love we feel into the experiences of each other allowing words to fall lovingly at our feat whether furled with love or hate because at the end of the day, love remains without end.

When you feel a sense of lost, or loss or you get down and are worried never fear, love is always near.

Enjoy creating a love land of your days and nights and experience new joys in all that is.

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