Wednesday, December 16, 2015

WE ARE EVER EVOLVING Mels Love Land Day 27

“Chairos equals meaning the old is dying and the new is being born in act of will if we choose it to be born.” Marianne Williamson.

Good Vibes Affirmation | Mels Love Land 

Love is eternal and cannot be uncreated.
I will remember who I am and why I am here
I will be love
I will be.
I will that you will
I go where you would have me go
I share my gifts
Open my heart to the truth eternal

I am forever changeless, forever just as Love created me. And as such, my Self offers peace to my brothers, who are One with me.

Blessed always, in the arms of Love.  May our joys ring out for all to hear as we trust in Love.

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