Friday, December 25, 2015

The Richness of Aloneness Mels Love Land Day 36

We do not walk alone. For God is here and with Him all our brothers. Now we know that we will never lose the way again.  -- ACIM

Being alone and being lonely are two different things.

Aloneness and our time in its embrace represent the grease that connects us beyond the veil into the world that lays beyond.  This mechanism of engagement beyond any obstacle. In our aloneness we experience the truth of ourselves in connection to all that is without interaction and interference. We experience the grace of what wants to emerge through our heart.

“And meditation is nothing but enjoying your beautiful aloneness. Celebrating yourself; that’s what meditation is all about.”  ― Osho 

Aloneness has a richness that feeds our souls.

Lonely has a desperation of constriction.  It is at odds with the natural life force and flow. 
Lonely is the appearance that you are alone but you are never alone, you are always connected.                 

Aloneness allows the grounded ache of my heart with the earthly space of inner peace that radiates safe wholeness and offers blessings. 

Aloneness allows the integration, connecting what needs connecting and experiencing the deepest level of openness.
Aloneness  creates sacred space for forgiveness.
Aloneness allows the breath and invitation of divine love and wisdom to coalesce forming around me and working through. 
Aloneness allows healing energetic vibrations to move freely through the quiet nothingness of everything forms breathing deeply into the worlds opening before me.

Aloneness allows forgiveness to flow.

Experience the loving joy of your aloneness. 
Accept the true meaning of any period of aloneness.  
Accept that our compassionate heart knows womb time is necessary. 
Love what is, today and everyday.

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