Monday, December 21, 2015

Key to Transformation - Mels Love Land Day 31

Within your beautiful heart is the key to transformation. Take this moment to open your heart and allow the beauty of this moment – of this lifetime -- of the glorious creature that you are -- to shine, the practice. Anything added on top of or outside of that practice is icing on the cake… the real beauty is the well of love that resides within.  You are ready.  You are open. You are Love and as such you have all the power in the world to transform yourself and everyone around you by being fully committed to the truth. The truth that You are made for Love. To be Love. To express Love. A human can endure suffering and humiliation, yet never forget the strength and transformative power of self Love, Love for others, Love for life and a never ending commitment to the truth: which is, that within each of us lies a reservoir of Love and peace brimming over to be accessed as our daily source.

The clearest path to transformation is the path of deep and unbinding Love, a path so clear that it is in the memory of all humans. You were born knowing that YOU are your source. There is no separation. You have within you a deep reservoir of peace, a pattern of perfection that has never been touched by disease, misfortune, feelings of not being enough, etc, etc. - Keep breathing into that place, and keep affirming that space.

Call on your deepest self to guide you to a powerful experience of Love.  Make your life extraordinary.  Life as an example, being the change you want to see in the world.  

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