Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dreams are Wishes Our Hearts Make - Mels Love Land Day 39

Allow your heart to dream. Make a wish to what you want to see. To be the person that you know you were born to be.  This is the day to dream big dreams, to let the Angels in your life lead the way and absolutely without hesitation let yourself go into the dreams your heart wishes, DREAMING BIG.


Today I celebrate my family, my country and my world
I honor the spirit that gave birth to our nation
I give thanks to everyone who walks our streets,
whose hearts beat in action across this great country.
May any suffering weighing heavily on my heart be alleviated
May I rise to whatever challenges appear to be facing me
May everything necessary for my evolution be fully realized
Offering a brighter day
Re-energizing the spirit of truth
Now and always
May I be renewed
With infinite Love and Gratitude.

Give voice to the dreams and wishes your heart makes. Generate a significant shift and change in the chemistry of your brain waves by practicing Love as a social force.

It is guaranteed that the person standing next to you in line at the grocery store, the person sitting across from you at work has issues they are dealing with at least equal to our own.

Send yourself Love by sending them Love. Take nothing for granted. Now is what we have.  This moment.  In its fullness and its entirety,

Be kind is not just for rewinding it is appropriate for all our daily conversations and interactions.

May you know inner peace the likes of which radiates a Love that everyone you meet can feel. Each of us has the ability to make wishes come true, everyday, in every way.  Take this opportunity to listen, deeply, and open your heart to dreams and wishes being fulfilled for all of us.

"It's our time. Breathe it in. There are worlds to change." Get your cheering squad in place, build a foundation brick by brick, take the steps, one by one, and never listen to your doubts, I'm not sure why we have them, as near as I can figure it's the Twisted Sister of "I'm not good enough." And that my brothers, is not the truth. You are more than good enough.

Something is stirring
Shifting ground
Edges are blurring
All around
And yesterday is done
--Stephen Sondheim

This is where it begins.
With you.
With me.

May you fully cherish the Love Land of your days as a gentle but firm hand of support pushing you from behind into a deeper practice of  Loving You (for life.) May you see with your heart and be able to recognize the truth in every situation you encounter letting pure Love ignite your soul with a fierce blaze burning every unnecessary unloving thought and trauma into oblivion opening the sacred space of your inner knowing where you can experience and bring forth who you are.may all my highest wishes and aspirations be fulfilled.  May all you highest wishes and aspirations be fulfilled.

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